Wednesday, 27 November 2013


                                             HOW TO CREATE A BLOG STEP BY STEP.

In this class I will only be introducing you to Google Blogger. I feel Google will show favoritism towards its blog in terms of ranking than other blogs. So lets get started.

How to create a blog step by step

1. Visit >>
2. Select create new account

3. Fill in your personal information such as first name, surname, gender and so on. And in that process you will create a new google plus account. Remember that an email require verification via your phone number. So enter your verification code to proceed. Remember that if you already have an email account, you should omit this step.

4. After creating your account or email visit .. and sign in

5. You will be ask to confirm your profile, for those who are just creating google account. Please select “Create google + profile”.

6. Then click on upgrade

7. Click on continue or if you like start adding people to your google + account

8. Click on continue and click on finish.

9. Click on continue blogger, at this point your will be logged into your blogger account.

10. To create blog Click on “New blog”.
11. Entitle the title of your blog for instance “Making money is easy online”

12. Enter the blog address, it’s very important that you think before you choose your address. Any address that is not available will not be given to your. So take note, find the right address for your topic.

13. Then Select the template you want to choose for your blog.

14. This is the point you’ve been waiting for, click on “Create Blog”

15. Congratulations you’ve now created your blog, don’t forget the address you gave to your blog.

16. On your blogger account you will see something like “ Your Blog has just been create”, then another link asking you to start posting, so click on “Start posting” in order to create your first blog post. You should be excited at this point because I AM. Its the beginning of everything so its important. There is also another Icon that you can use to start creating post, the icon looks like a pen, so click on it too if you can’t find the link I said you should click above.

17. Just like Microsoft word or any other text editor, the blogger environment is no different. So learn from it, there are many tools there that can help you to add pictures, videos and so on. Good Luck
So if you follow the Post correctly step by step you should by now have created your blog. Who is still confused please let me know. And if you are just joining this post please. go back to PAGE 1 of this posts or updates please.