Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chapter 6: Text Formating » HTML formating tags

» HTML formating tags

Defines small text
Defines strong text
Defines big text
Defines bold text
Defines emphasized text
Defines italic text
Defines subscripted text
Defines superscripted text
<ins> or <u>   
Defines inserted text
<del> or <strike>,<s>   
Defines deleted text



<p><small>The text is small.</small></p>
<p><strong>The text is strong.</strong></p>
<p><big>The text is big.</big></p>
<p><b>The text is bold.</b></p>
<p><i>The text is italic.</i></p>
<p><em>The text is emphasized.</em></p>
<p><sub>The text is subscripted.</sub></p>
<p><sup>The text is superscripted.</sup></p>
<p><ins>The text is inserted.</ins></p>
<p><del>The text is deleted.</del></p>


» Result:

The text is small.
The text is strong.
The text is big.
The text is bold.
The text is italic.
The text is emphasized.
The text is subscripted.
The text is superscripted.
The text is inserted.The text is deleted.

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