Wednesday, 25 November 2015

#Technetronic2015 (Official Guinness World Record Attempt)

Technetronic is an annual IT focused event initiated by a group of young, upcoming IT undergraduates and professionals with the purpose of improving the standard of technology in the Nation Nigeria. Technetronic 2015's main goal is to initiate advancement in the growth of computing technology and the development of software developers in Nigeria.
Technetronic 2015 will take place at the New Multipurpose Hall, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos on Thursday the 3rd of December 2015. The event will comprise of various activities which includes a Guinness World Record Attempt for The Largest Amount of People Learning How to Write Computer Programs in the World, and the first edition of the Internet and Technology Awards Nigeria.
The Largest Programming Lesson World Record Attempt, simply will be bringing together over 2500 IT oriented individuals and citizens who are passionate about technology; enlightening them on the basics and concepts of instructing electronics and computer devices, orientate them on the need for computer specialists in our fast rising ICT enabled society and highlight the importance of acquiring computing knowledge in present day Nigeria. Participants will be given a run through on how to write web programming languages such as PHP in a live practical session in attempt for the World’s Largest Programming Lesson which happens be the first technological record attempt in Nigeria involving large amount of participants, and also the biggest ICT event in 2015.
Also featuring on Technetronic 2015 agenda is The Internet and Technology Awards; the major aim of this award is to commend the continuous, never ending efforts of individuals and organizations in Nigeria’s technology industry whom have tirelessly continued to deliver quality technological services and related products. The awards boasts of categories such as hashtag of the year, university portal of the year, Internet service provider of the year, and over 47 other innovative technology and internet oriented categories.
The Organization Zinospot Ng has claimed that innovative events such as Technetronic 2015 will task developers and tech-service provider in the nation to improve the quality of services they provide, as well as create a platform to promote the nation's technology industry beyond the walls of Africa. They further encourage all individuals interested in a forward moving technology industry to partake in the events, tasking the governing bodies, organizations and institutions to emulate the National Association of Computer Science Students YABATECH Chapter, Smile Nigeria,,, and other notable organization and bodies involved in the project to invest in projects such as these as it is one way to tackle unemployment, promote the growth of technology in the nation and empower the youth’s in Nigeria.
Individuals and organizations who are interested in the event can visit the Technetronic 2015 website at, call 07055069014, 08134831118, email for registration, enquires and sponsorship. Registration is free.

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