Saturday, 21 September 2013

HTML text transform


                                   HTML text transform




<p><small>The text is small.</small></p>
<p><strong>The text is strong.</strong></p>
<p><big>The text is big.</big></p>
<p><b>The text is bold.</b></p>
<p><i>The text is italic.</i></p>
<p><em>The text is emphasized.</em></p>
<p><sub>The text is subscripted.</sub></p>
<p><sup>The text is superscripted.</sup></p>
<p><ins>The text is inserted.</ins></p>
<p><del>The text is deleted.</del></p>
<cite>The text is perect for Copyright text.</cite>


Paste the above example to notepad. Save as .html and open .html file to see the result.


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